What will kill the invasive cat's claw vine?

Answer AnswerThe only way I know is to actually take to root ball out that lingers below where the vine enters the soil. I have success,by cutting the climbing vine,and immediatley applying a roundup typ... Read More »

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What Are the Benefits of Using Cats Claw?

Cat's claw (uncaria tomentosa) is a vine native to the rain forests of South and Central America. It gets its name from its claw-like thorns. Native peoples have long used cat's claw for a broad va... Read More »

Claw Removal in Cats?

Thirty-one percent of cat owners in the United States have their cats declawed, according to the Partnership for Animal Welfare. Declawing is not just the removal of the claws, but a series of ampu... Read More »

Can cats extend one claw at a time?

It is unknown whether cats can extend one claw at a time. A 1998 study at Sweden's Goteborg University suggests that cats have some degree of control over each individual toe and claw.Source:"Contr... Read More »

How do I kill invasive bamboo?

Step 1Kill the bamboo root system of the bamboo plant by digging up the plant and roots in their entirety. This step is essential because the parts of the plant above ground are virtually immune t... Read More »