What will kill scabies?

Answer Scabies is an infectious skin condition spread through mites. People who have been infected, as well as those who have had close contact with them, including through sexual intercourse, should be t... Read More »

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What will kill termites?

Termites eat along the grain inside timber, leaving a hollowed core. The Eastern Subterranean Termite can consume one foot of a two-inch by four-inch stud in four months. A larger colony will do ev... Read More »

What will kill a tick?

To kill a tick easily, use tissue paper to grab, squeeze and flush the offender down the toilet. Alternatively, you can drop the tick into a glass of clear alcohol, which can help you get a good lo... Read More »

What will kill moss?

You can kill moss with bleach, but you must be careful not to kill surrounding plants as well. Drizzle the bleach directly on the moss. If possible, remove other plants from the area or cover them ... Read More »

What will kill lady bugs?

Although very beneficial to garden plants, ladybugs can be a serious nuisance when they enter a house. Some species of ladybug will pinch or bite people when they feel threatened, which, while non-... Read More »