What will kill a tick?

Answer To kill a tick easily, use tissue paper to grab, squeeze and flush the offender down the toilet. Alternatively, you can drop the tick into a glass of clear alcohol, which can help you get a good lo... Read More »

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How to Kill a Tick?

So, you've read how to remove a tick, and now you're standing around with a blood-drinking arachnid wrapped in a tissue. Not a very pleasant situation. Read on to learn how to kill and get rid of t... Read More »

Does anyone know if Flea and Tick Bombs will kill mites indoors I'm out of miticide?

I've successfully Murdered plants with the soapy water thing.Spectracide Bugstop will kill mites, aphids, mealy bugs, scale...without hurting plants. available at Wallyworld, HomeyD, Lowz.

My PC makes asound like a tick its tick....tick what is the problem help me ?

Take it to the vets. They can get rid of tics.

Trying to find a relatively new song out that I heard on espn. It's Rock and has a chorus of time keeps tick tick ticking away.?