What will help heal an ear piercing?

Answer I used that gooey antibacterial cream that you put on bandaids. keep the earring in for a while, but massage the cream into the hole if you can. It will be tender for a while but don't worry too mu... Read More »

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How to Heal Piercing Bumps?

Many people complain of bumps on their piercings. While proper care usually keeps these from forming, sometimes a piercing gets a bump with the best of care. Identifying the bump and treating it ... Read More »

How is a lip piercing supposed to heal?

Yup that is perfectly normal. To help it heal faster you can put antibiotic cream on the outside and you can also get sea salt (from the grocery store) mix it with warm water dip Qtips in the mixtu... Read More »

How to Heal a Naval Piercing?

The belly button or navel is a popular place to get pierced on the body, particularly for women. Piercing the navel is not like piercing an ear. An ear can be pierced using a piercing gun, but the ... Read More »

How Is It Going To Take My Ear Cartilage Piercing To Heal?

sorry to tell you but its going to take a while atleast a week if not longer. Although sometimes when i would accidentally hit mine even after a month it would hurt. Since its cartelage it takes mu... Read More »