When did the Earth's magnetic poles flip?

Answer The Earth's magnetic poles have flipped "many times over the last billion years," according to John Roach in a September 2004 article for "National Geographic News." The last time the magnetic pole... Read More »

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What Is a Magnetic Switch?

A magnetic switch is just like a light switch: it turns a circuit on or off depending on what position the arm of the switch is in. The only difference is that a magnetic switch is operated by a ma... Read More »

What will happen if you place a magnetic compass in an electric circuit?

If you place a magnetic compass in an electric circuit, the magnetism produced by the circuit will turn the compass needle. The more current the circuit carries, the stronger its field will be, and... Read More »

How to Check a Magnetic Switch in a GE Washer?

GE Appliances is a division of the General Electric Company that manufactures appliances for residential customers. GE washing machines feature a safety component, known as a lid switch, that preve... Read More »

How to Convert Ski Poles to Walking Poles?

Save yourself a gear purchase by re-purposing your winter ski poles into summer walking poles. Your ski pole has four parts. From top to bottom, they are: the handle, the shaft, the basket and the ... Read More »