What will happen when..?

Answer I'm guessing the part you're worried about is the 'lady parts' exam? Don't stress, it's something the doctor will have done hundreds of times, he doesn't care how your vagina looks, smells, etc unl... Read More »

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What Will Happen If I Buy a Car When in Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy wipes out many of your old debts, but doesn't prevent you developing new ones. If you have to replace your car while you're going through bankruptcy, the obstacles may include a judge's ... Read More »

What will happen to my Medicare when I work?

Whether or not you can keep your Medicare depends on the size of your company, and if you're receiving employee benefits. If the company is less than 20 employees, Medicare will be your primary ins... Read More »

What changes will happen when the girls are in the mood of sex?

Hell will freeze over and pigs will fly when girls are in the mood for sex.Other changes include:A possible eventual increase in the number of dependents one can claim on their income taxes.She'll ... Read More »

If i do not take iron tablets when pregnant what will happen?

no when one is pregnant one should avoid taking medicines