What will happen too many pills.?

Answer suicide attempt probably nothing advil isn't the best thing to try and kill yourself with. get something stronger.

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What will happen if I take 6 cymbalta pills?

Nothing, but if using the drug for the treatment of depression I would recommend getting down a cycle of taking the SSRI/SNRI (drug class of Cymbalta). It's important to maintain a level of the dru... Read More »

If you took 17 migraine pills what would happen Death?

Sorry we don't have enough information to answer your question without getting the name of the drug, and the dose. I'm just gonna take a guess and assume she was on a triptan which is a pretty comm... Read More »

Whatll happen when I mix cranberry, green tea and magnesium pills?

What harm can happen to the baby if the mother continues taking her birth control pills for 5 months?

AnswerI don't exactly know of the harm it can cause but i do know someone who was on birth control and wasn't aware she was pregnant until she was like 3 or 4 months because she was on the shot and... Read More »