What will happen to my Medicare when I work?

Answer Whether or not you can keep your Medicare depends on the size of your company, and if you're receiving employee benefits. If the company is less than 20 employees, Medicare will be your primary ins... Read More »

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How do HMOs work with Medicare?

The Medicare Advantage program offers beneficiaries HMO choices that are marketed and administered by private insurers as an alternative to original fee-for-service Medicare. Beneficiaries enrolled... Read More »

How do Tricare& Medicare work together?

Navigating federal benefits, both TRICARE and Medicare, can be complicated. Figuring out what pays first, and what parts of Medicare to pick up are important, as you may end up paying more than you... Read More »

When will medicare pay for dental work?

On One Hand: Routine Procedures Not CoveredMost of the time Medicare excludes dental procedures that do not have any bearing on your health, according to Medicare Interactive. This means that routi... Read More »

How does medicare work with supplemental insurance?

Medicare supplemental insurance policies fill in the gaps in Medicare coverage. These supplemental policies are called Medigap policies and are sold by many private insurance companies who speciali... Read More »