What will happen n 2200?

Answer Both You and I will be long gone before that.So i wont thin so far...:D Good night...

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How to Change a Battery on an APC 2200?

The APC 2200 is a surge protector designed to protect large electronic devices such as computers from abnormal fluctuations in electricity. When the APC 2200 detects a surge, it stops power at the ... Read More »

My eye doctor told me that I'm 2200, What does that mean?

you may were 20/70 two years ago and 20/200 nowthats your visual acuity. 20/200 means from 20 feet you see what a person with normal eyes sees from 200 feet

How to Overclock an AMD Athlon XP 2200?

The Athlon 2200+ XP processor from AMD works much like any other processor. This means that it can be overclocked like any other processor, provided the motherboard supports overclocking. Just reme... Read More »

How much RAM can a Dell Inspiron 2200 take?

The Dell Inspiron 2200 laptop computer can take up to 1280 MB of RAM. The Inspiron 2200 has 256 MB of RAM that is pre-intalled and permanent. The additional memory slot supports up to 1 GB of DDR-4... Read More »