What will happen if your parents kick you out at age 14?

Answer that isn't good at all

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Are my parents allowed to kick me out of the house?

On One Hand: If Under 18Parents are legally responsible for their children until they reach the age of 18. They can remove their children from their home and make other arrangements, but must provi... Read More »

If your parents kick you out can live with your boyfriend?

Answerwas the aragement over his family be started or was it over you finding out about the other woman you had aplace to go from everything that was happen making sure that aperson was safe from e... Read More »

Adoptive parents: when did you feel your maternal/paternal instincts kick in?

From the moment we saw her picture...which was after we accept her adoption. It all the maternal instincts that are naturally hard wired there inside of me kicked in. My family felt the same, (and... Read More »

If you are in a big family situation and you almost got kicked out of the house when you had sex would your parents kick you out if you're pregnant and you're 12 years old?

Answerive been in this situation before except i was the boyfriend you do really need to get help. i got kicked out for six monthes. i just got back into the house a month ago. if youre pregnant yo... Read More »