What will happen to your baby if you were one to two weeks pregnant when you assisted in a chemotherapy but you didn't know it?

Answer Answer i believe that chemotherapy is only harmful to the one that is being treated, radiation therapy particulary i101 iodine on the other hand can make other people sick just by being near the t... Read More »

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If i do not take iron tablets when pregnant what will happen?

no when one is pregnant one should avoid taking medicines

What will happen if the guy cums inside of you while your pregnant?

Well, since you can't get pregnant again while you're still carrying, nothing much. However, having unprotected sex while pregnant does not remove the risk of catching various STDs which might als... Read More »

Is it safe to stand in front of a microwave?

Standing directly in front of a microwave while it is operating is not advised. Microwave ovens utilize electromagnetic radiation to heat and cook food. If the microwave oven has a broken seal, thi... Read More »

If your girlfriend is pregnant is it safe to ejaculate in her or will anything happen?

Answer It is totally safe, just as long as you aren't rough with her. Answer It is perfectly safe as long as it is kept out of they eyes and she consents.