Can u really die from pop rocks and soda?

Answer no u cantMythBusters tested that very myth out, turns out u cant die from pop rocks mixed with soda

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Just drank soda what will happen to me?

No, you will be perfectly fine. Everything is fine in moderation.

Can you die if you swallow a soda tab what will happen?

Eat some fiber. Create some additional mass, something that will be kind of soft yet firm to share the ride along the alimentary canal. Expect to see it in 12-24 hours depending on your system. You... Read More »

What will happen if a child swallows a soda tab?

It definitely needs to be located and removed. The worry is that it may be a choking hazard--even though he has already swallowed it. Get the child to the doctor as soon as possible.

I drank baked soda with water and vinegar, what will happen to me?

Baking soda (an alkali) mixed with vinegar (an acid) will create a reaction that results in carbon dioxide gas, salt, and water. As long as you have the ability to burp up the gas, you'll be just f... Read More »