What will happen if you leave a refrigerator door open in a room?

Answer The room will warm up.The fridge with the door left open will run pretty much continuously to try to cool the inside. Our fridge doesn't know the door is open, so it keeps running. The thermostat i... Read More »

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What will happen if you leave cat antibiotics out of the refrigerator for 6 hours?

It depends on the temperature of the house. They can decrease in strength a little. The hotter it is, the faster this happens. It also depends how much is in the container. For example, a full cont... Read More »

If I keep the refrigerator door opened and switch it on, will the entire room get cold?

No. The air immediately in front of the opened door will be cooler but, take a look at the back of your refrigerator. That grill is there to release the heat taken from inside the refrigerator into... Read More »

If the refrigerator door is accidentally left open will it burn out the compressor pump's motor?

If you leave your refrigerator's door open whilst it is switched off, no harm will be done - in fact it is a very good idea to do this as it will help to prevent the mold build-up which can easily ... Read More »

What will happen to your computer screen if you leave it on all night and what will happen to the computer it?

Its OK to do this every once in a while but regular occurrences will lead to screen burn which will ruin your Monitor, over-heating which will burn the elements in your fan and general scorching of... Read More »