What will happen if you have a medium sized cut and you dont treat it?

Answer FIRST OF ALL... You really should go to the doctor. A scar is nothing. The big thing you need to worry about is infection. Look for an increase in redness, pain, swelling or drainage. Make sure ... Read More »

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What will happen if i dont get my cavities filled now?

wen i was little i had really bad cavities in my two back teeth and i had to get root canals this past january because i couldnt get them filled earlier cuz i was 2 little.

What will happen if i dont wear my retainers for 24 hours?

I don't think it'd do any damage if you only leave it out for 24 hours.

If you dont eat meat for 6 months and then suddenly eat a baconator from wendy's, what will happen?

At first you will think, "OH GOD THIS IS THE GREATEST THING IVE EVER EATEN."Then you will feel sick.You wont actually get sick, it's just your body adjusting to eat meat, as it is not used to it.

What is the average cost of renovating a medium-sized bathroom?

As of 2009, a bathroom renovation of midrange quality costs an average of approximately $16,000, while an upscale renovation averages approximately $52,000, according to a Remodeling Magazine repor... Read More »