What will happen if you drink to much milk?

Answer You vomit, your body has a limit in which it can handle milk. I saw this guy try to drink a gallon in an hour and he threw up.

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What will happen if I drink a lot of coffee?

Your body will tell you when you've had too much coffee. When you feel shaky, wide awake, sleeping poorly, you know you've had toooooo much! This amount varies from person to person. Keep in mind,... Read More »

What will happen to you if you drink bleach?

YOU WILL DIE A PAINFUL DEATH, unless you get to poison control quickly.

What will happen if I drink a lo carb monster?

Nothing...? It's just the same as drinking a normal Monster. Unless you have heart problems, are pregnant, or have a sensitivity to caffeine, then nothing's going to happen to you.

What will happen if you are pregnant an you drink Windex?

the woman will be poisoned and will have a dead baby in her or a disfigued baby