What will happen if we quit rice & wheat permanently from our diet plan?

Answer As odd as it may sound, that is actually very good for your health. Wheat these days is very man-made and no longer has many vitamins. Even whole-wheat is not quite nutritious as it originally was.... Read More »

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Agree/Disagree : Rice and Wheat is not good for diet ?

Grains came into the human diet at a later stage of evolution, so we're not great with digesting them and assimilating them. If you have to eat them, either have them as a ferment, or make sure th... Read More »

Can you quit an employer provided group health plan anytime or can you only quit during the open enrollment period?

AnswerYou can quit anytime. It's enrolling that's a problem.For more details Answeri know you can quit anytime but i think that you should whait at least... Read More »

Do rice noodles have wheat?

Rice noodles do not contain wheat, and therefore are a gluten-free product that can be consumed by those with gluten intolerance. Check the ingredient list to ensure purity of the product.Reference... Read More »

Why rice is considered one source of obesity why not wheat?

Wheat is also considered in the same catagory as rice, as are other grains.If you eat processed grains, they are very nutrient poor, and calorie rich.Whole grains, brown rice, whole wheat, have fib... Read More »