What will happen if they Stop the Internet from being used. (no Internet)?

Answer the world would end

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What will happen if there is no internet for a month?

Our daily life will b stopped or atleast effected heavily .... We use many services that use Internet, Emergency services will take a hit.... Communication system will effected badly.... Everywhere... Read More »

What will happen if i default on internet payday loans?

On One Hand: Payday Loan DefaultsA payday loan is a short term loan issued to provide financial assistance until the borrower's next paycheck arrives. Payday lending is legal in 37 states and can b... Read More »

My internet is being used by unknown program!?

Do you use a router between your modem and computer? If yes, secure the router allowing only your computers access to it. You can do it with passwords or you can enter the MAC addresses of your com... Read More »

How do I know if my wireless internet is being used by others not in my network?

Log into the router and look for a DHCP LEASE or DHCP STATS option. What this will tell you is how many devices are connecting to your router and pulling an IP address from it. This IP address is... Read More »