What will happen if there is no internet for a month?

Answer Our daily life will b stopped or atleast effected heavily .... We use many services that use Internet, Emergency services will take a hit.... Communication system will effected badly.... Everywhere... Read More »

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AUSSIES- theres an OPTUS fusion plan [24 month] $99 a month , unlimited line-calls, 20 gig internet,

Rob and I were looking at that the other day....I think it's a great deal but I would look at the other providers first and see what their offering.

What would happen if I didn't take a shower for 1 month Just curious.?

You will die of your own smell and you will be a threat on your neighbors as being a chemical weapon,and all the city will die. hehe

What can happen if your 8 month old baby drinks whole milk?

Some babies do not digest cow's milk well, and may get a digestive upset. This may be colic, or diarrhea. Other babies do fine. Whole milk is the same as 2% milk, it just contains a higher amount o... Read More »

What will happen if you are 1 month pregnant and rode a rollercoaster?

Depends. If it is a steel smooth rollercoaster, it probably had no affect on the child. If it was very rough there is some risk of harm to the baby.