What will happen if there is no internet for a month?

Answer Our daily life will b stopped or atleast effected heavily .... We use many services that use Internet, Emergency services will take a hit.... Communication system will effected badly.... Everywhere... Read More »

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What will happen if they Stop the Internet from being used. (no Internet)?

What will happen if you are 1 month pregnant and rode a rollercoaster?

Depends. If it is a steel smooth rollercoaster, it probably had no affect on the child. If it was very rough there is some risk of harm to the baby.

What will happen to those girls who play sex after a month of giving birth?

If you mean 'have sex after birthing'... then it really depends on the birthing experience and how the woman has reacted to that - mentally, emotionally and physically.Most people will say 6 weeks ... Read More »

What can happen if there is bleeding between the left and right brain hemispheres of a 5 month old baby. It was not a stroke.?