What will happen if the guy cums inside of you while your pregnant?

Answer Well, since you can't get pregnant again while you're still carrying, nothing much. However, having unprotected sex while pregnant does not remove the risk of catching various STDs which might als... Read More »

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What happens if i am already pregnant but the guy cums inside you again?

Nothing. Once your body has begun developing the baby, it doesn't release anymore eggs, AKA you can't get pregnant "again" or have twins.

Is it okay that my partner cums in me while I am pregnant?

Yes. You may continue to have normal sex while pregnant. It is good for your relationship to do so and makes no difference to the baby.

Does a baby pee or poo inside you while your pregnant?

Yes, amniotic fluid is made up of urine and waste products from the baby.

If you like for your mate to pee inside during sex is that safe while pregnant?

I don't think that it is a good idea, since you are more likely to get UTI (urinary tract infection), from the urine entering from the outside of the vagina into it... there is a lot of bacteria in... Read More »