What will happen if some one adopt the puritan way of life?

Answer Good question. At one time the USA supported dual citizenship but not anymore. I was born in West Germany by American parents and have this designation. I would speak to the Canadian consulate and ... Read More »

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What will happen the suite life on deck?

The suite life on deck is ending because usually shows always end for a lot of reasons. But, in this case, it's because the show was getting old and the twins are going to college. But I also heard... Read More »

What will happen after twister suite life on deck?

Cody and bailey got back together and bailey stayed in kettle corn

If a 10 year old wants her stepfather to adopt her against her biological fathers wishes. Bio father has some contact but child wants stepfather to adopt. Will the court in VA recognize her desires?

If you adopt an immigrant is ready here what happen?

It's a personal choice, they cannot make you do anything actually. Do what you think is right & don't let everyone elses feelings affect your actions. You are the one, who in the long run, will hav... Read More »