What will happen if i dont get my cavities filled now?

Answer wen i was little i had really bad cavities in my two back teeth and i had to get root canals this past january because i couldnt get them filled earlier cuz i was 2 little.

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Cavities getting filled!?

It's absolutely nothing. They give you a shot, to numb you. You would hardly feel the shot, if at all. You won't feel the drill, since you'll be numb. It's nothing.

Tomrow im getting 12 cavities filled?

I had 4 cavities filled today, it's very painful?

It takes weeks to get over a dental filling. Your tooth is made of dentin, a material something like bone, with enamel on the outside and a nerve that runs up the middle. When you get a filling th... Read More »

My dentist filled my cavities without anesthesia?

The dentist should have injected you with novocain. There should have been little or no pain. I would never go to that dentist again.