What will happen if I turn in my FAFSA late?

Answer You don't have to wait until your taxes are filed, you just need to have some of the information. You can estimate the amounts on the FAFSA if you have your W2 or last paycheck of the year. In fa... Read More »

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What will happen with this FAFSA strategy?

sorry to answer this question with something from another question of mine lol...but thanks thats awesome to hear about teh raven dark hair!if you go to my previous question whihc is till open and ... Read More »

What will happen if you forgot to turn off your car engine and fill patrol in it?

Potentially, it can spark a gasoline fire but the risk is small. There is also a small chance the ECU will choose that time to check for vapor leaks in the fuel system and that will turn on the che... Read More »

How late can you file your FAFSA?

A FAFSA must be filed by the end of the school year. The federal government defines the end of the school year as June 30 each year, so the FAFSA application for that school year is due by June 30.... Read More »

What will happen to your computer screen if you leave it on all night and what will happen to the computer it?

Its OK to do this every once in a while but regular occurrences will lead to screen burn which will ruin your Monitor, over-heating which will burn the elements in your fan and general scorching of... Read More »