What will happen if I keep waking up with my arm like this?

Answer Oh lol, this happens to me almost everynight, it's just like getting pins and needles in your arm, by making less blood flow, it's harmless unless u have it non stop throughout a few days, but u me... Read More »

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I will be waking up at 4 a.m. to go to school. What can I drink or eat that will keep me up throughout the day?

Here are some healthy things to wake you up:1) A cup of water! I know it sounds stupid, but water is the fuel of life and gets you ready!2) A protein shake such as StonyField Smoothie. I LOVE this ... Read More »

What does this Facebook email mean and what will happen if I go through with this?

Just click this is okay and go to this link… and secure your account

Explain what happens when cps puts you in foster care like will you get to bring your clothes and stuff with you will I be able to see my older sister and will I get to keep in contact with friends?

AnswerHoney, I'm sorry that you have to be in this situation. Don't worry you will be able to bring your clothes with you if your parents allow it. But if they don't CPS will get you clothes, and n... Read More »

What will happen with this FAFSA strategy?

sorry to answer this question with something from another question of mine lol...but thanks thats awesome to hear about teh raven dark hair!if you go to my previous question whihc is till open and ... Read More »