What will happen if I file bankruptcy?

Answer If your debts are overwhelming and you feel that it will prove impossible to pay them off now or in the future, you may consider filing for bankruptcy. A successful bankruptcy can help you minimize... Read More »

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What Will Happen If I Buy a Car When in Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy wipes out many of your old debts, but doesn't prevent you developing new ones. If you have to replace your car while you're going through bankruptcy, the obstacles may include a judge's ... Read More »

How Much Will It Cost to File Bankruptcy California?

The cost of filing for bankruptcy protection in California is around $1,300. This includes the $274 Court Filing Fee needed to be paid before you can file your paperwork, and the estimated $700 to ... Read More »

Will My Bank Close My Account If I File Bankruptcy?

A typical fear of filing for bankruptcy might be that your bank or banks will close down your accounts. That's not true in most cases. It ultimately depends on your financial circumstances with you... Read More »

If I File for Bankruptcy Will the School Have to Release My Transcripts?

Colleges and universities, as well as private secondary schools, can refuse to release your official transcript if you still owe money for tuition or other fees to the school. Bankruptcy can assist... Read More »