What will happen after taking up an abortion pill?

Answer The first one Mifepristone will end the pregnancy by stopping the production of progesterone which is what the embryo lives of. The next day you take the Misoprostol which induces cramps and expels... Read More »

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What will happen after taking an abortion pill?

The embryo dies when you take Mifepristone. The second pill you take the next day and it's Misoprostol and it makes you cramp so the embryo comes out.

What happens if you do not take methylergonovine at all after having an abortion will it be harder for you to get pregnant in the future like how will not taking that medication affect a persons body?

What does it mean if five days after sex and taking the Plan B morning after pill you pee blood?

Answer You might want to go to your local health department. The morning after pill has alot of side effects, and isn't for everyone. Please go to the doctor, it could be serious.

Does the morning-after pill cause an abortion?

Opposing factions will argue until the end of time whether the morning-after pill results in an abortion., the Mayo Clinic and Princeton University's Emergency Contraception Website ... Read More »