What will hapen with my tooth?

Answer Not 100%, but most of the time, once the baby tooth is out, the permanent tooth moves into its proper place without any help.

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What will hapen after we die?

You either get burnt, or turn to worm food.But why worry, you will be dead anyway

What will hapen if i straightner my hair too much? won't be bald, your hair will literally singe after a while, increase of split ends, and extremely dry.this mostly occurs at the tips of your hair, as it is the most processed (oldest) an... Read More »

I have swelling behind my tooth last tooth... could it be a wisdom tooth?

Whenever I stomp or run, my tooth hurts. Every step I take running my tooth pounds. Then when I stop, it stops?

Ok depending on which tooth hurts but if its the 1-4 or 2-4 which is count back to the forth tooth from the front teeth on both sides. (thats the easiest way) These teeth are close the the sinuses.... Read More »