What will hapen after we die?

Answer You either get burnt, or turn to worm food.But why worry, you will be dead anyway

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What will hapen with my tooth?

Not 100%, but most of the time, once the baby tooth is out, the permanent tooth moves into its proper place without any help.

What will hapen if i straightner my hair too much? won't be bald, your hair will literally singe after a while, increase of split ends, and extremely dry.this mostly occurs at the tips of your hair, as it is the most processed (oldest) an... Read More »

What to do after living with mom for years in nice home with quality things all stolen from siblings after her death and they lie and will not speak to me will not admit anything just I had easy life.?

Unfortunately there is no easy way to answer this for you or to make you feel better but child birth is difficult for everyone but at your age you will have extra obstacles and yes it does and will... Read More »

What can cause twins to be stillborn after the first trimester and will there by any type of signs so you will know that your babies are still born?

Answerwhen said will you know babies are still born and gone is not correct. Stillborn is when you have carried a baby and the baby has died, and you still have to give birth. STILLBORN, STILLBIRTH... Read More »