What will give me skinny legs like this ?

Answer Running will make your legs look more toned and help build a big of muscle; which will make your legs look more attractive.However to get legs like in that picture, you have to have a low body fat ... Read More »

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Girls, i want skinny skinny legs...not muscular do i burn fat on my legs?

You can't burn fat in your legs specifically. Your body burns fat from all over. Some people lose weight in some areas more quickly than others, but there isn't a way to target specific areas of ... Read More »

How to get skinny legs like selena gomez?

eat healthy and exercise.@ ColetteCouldn't you have skinny legs and be intelligent? And you also sound jealous, I've seen enough of garbage celebrity gossip. she's probably way younger then you so... Read More »

THIS IS FOR FEMALES ONLY,,,,,do you like men that are hairy like on the legs,chest.......?

I'm male but:1. My wife loves that I'm hairy. She says it makes me seem more manly.2. My sister-in-law hates hair on men. She doesn't like rubbing against them, as she's intentionally removed her h... Read More »

My legs look like that of a Georgian grand piano what can I do to rectify this?