What will estrogen inhibitors do for me?

Answer Estrogen inhibitors, also called aromatase inhibitors, are medications designed to halt estrogen production in women who have passed menopause. They are commonly used to treat certain forms of earl... Read More »

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What will taking estrogen supplements do?

Estrogen supplements such as Premarin increase the levels of the hormone estrogen in the body, which aids in symptoms of early menopause, and helps prevent bone loss in women. The supplements also ... Read More »

What are cox2 inhibitors?

cox -2 is an enzyme that responsible for pain.cox 2 inhibitors are a group of drugs that inhibit cox 2 enzyme and there by relief pain.It has less side effects and more effective pain killer.

What category are alpha-glucosidase inhibitors classified in for pregnancy?

Are factor xa inhibitors reversible?

Factor Xa inhibitors are available in reversible forms. These prescription drugs are routinely used as anticoagulants and in the treatment of colorectal cancer. They're also used as sleep aids for ... Read More »