What will dissolve epoxy glue?

Answer Methylene chloride will dissolve epoxy glue. Products like Formby's Paint Remover and Attack contain methylene chloride. Keep the product container tightly closed because it evaporates rapidly. Do ... Read More »

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Will rubbing alcohol dissolve super glue from glass?

Answer No. You need to uses acetone. It is a solvent for that type of glue. It is also known as nail polish remover. Answer Regular nail polish remover should remove it, but not the kind for fake n... Read More »

What is epoxy glue?

Sold under such brands as Gorilla Glue or Super Glue, epoxy glue is a resin or hardener often used by craftsmen as a reliable adhesive. In some instances, using epoxy glue can replace soldering or ... Read More »

What is the difference between epoxy&super glue?

Home repairmen typically use two different types of adhesive--epoxy and super glue. In general, epoxy is usually best for construction projects requiring a lot of strength, and super glue is best f... Read More »

How do I dissolve Gorilla Glue?

From SkinSoak the area covered in Gorilla Glue in warm soapy water or acetone (something like nail polish remover), according to Gorilla Glue. Never pull the Gorilla Glue off, instead wiggle the bo... Read More »