What will buff out scratches on a wood table?

Answer Hairline scratches on a wood table may be buffed out by rubbing furniture reviver or burnishing cream over the scratch with a soft cloth. If the scratch is deep, other methods should be used such a... Read More »

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How to buff out scratches on your car?

Minor scratches will happen, but generally they are easy to remove.

How to Buff Fine Scratches?

Small scratches in your car can be frustrating, especially if your car is new. Small scratches are not terribly difficult to buff out, though. All you need is standard car-washing equipment, car po... Read More »

How to Buff Out Minor Scratches?

Minor scratches on your vehicle can be frustrating. They can bring the value down and take away from the appearance of your vehicle. However, there are ways to buff out the small scratches with ite... Read More »

How to Buff Out Scratches on Car Headlights?

Car headlights used to be built with glass and were easily broken. Since 1990, most headlights have been built with a clear, resilient plastic called polycarbonate. This material resists impact but... Read More »