What will be the price of Doordarshan's free Dth receiving system?

Answer Almost all here live in the USA, and don't even know where Chennai (Madras) is - many here couldn't even find INDIA on a world map - and don't have any knowledge of products or pricing in India. I ... Read More »

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Abroad receiving bbc and itv free via an unscribed sky card-will things change - thanks?

They don't give out their e-mail address to the general public, BUT if you log on to the website on and scroll down to the bottom of the homepage, you'll see a link you... Read More »

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Would you be interested in receiving free candles?

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A year from now: What will happen to all the PERFECTLY working Analog-receiving TVs?

If you have cable they will still work. If you don't have cable you need a converter box and for those the government is issuing coupons for $40 toward the purchase of the box.The boxes will sell... Read More »