What will be the best solution for harddisk crash?

Answer Prevention, via RAID ... since that means a desktop computer (you need at least 2 hard drives for RAID Mirror, 3 or more for RAID 5), you should heave at least one in the house (so everyone can bac... Read More »

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C or C++ data crash solution?

What is the name of the game? I find it strange that the game won't even run under XP. Have you tried running the game using XP's Win9x compatibility mode, or tried running the game with administ... Read More »

My system specs are these 1gb ram 128mb video card core2duo2.00ghz 160 gb harddisk will i be able to run vista?

All versions of Vista support dual-core processing.For your computer, I'd recommend Vista home PremiumI'm sure you could run ultimate smoothly as well, but I just like home premium better for some ... Read More »

If an ambulance witnesses a car crash as it's rushing to help another car crash, what would it do?

it all dependsif the call they are currently assigned is rated as low to medium risk AND the accident they witness looks severe then they may stop. if they are tasked to respond to a serious incide... Read More »

What was your worst crash (or only crash)?

Way back in 1971. I was on my way back to college after spending a weekend at home. Going through an intersection, I had the green light but a lady turned left in front of me. Didn't see me, she... Read More »