What will additional ram do for my computer?

Answer On One Hand: Increase Computer CapabilitiesAdding more RAM (random access memory) to your computer will increase its capabilities. Additional RAM will be helpful with tasks like displaying graphic-... Read More »

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Can additional RAM slow down a computer?

On One Hand: Usually NotAdding RAM to your computer should really speed it up, according to Microsoft. By increasing the amount of physical RAM in your PC, your computer does not need to access fil... Read More »

How to Add an Additional Monitor to Your Computer?

Multitasking...If you need to be able to do two things at once, then this article is for you. You will need a computer that has a receptacle for a second monitor to be attached, and that the comput... Read More »

My Computer can't find additional networks?

Probably an IP address conflict. turn off the router, modem, all computers and restart the modem, router, and each computer. Usually works to reset the network and each unit will be assigned a ne... Read More »

Will additional oxygen help headaches?

If used at the beginning of a migraine, inhaling 100 percent oxygen may relieve the headache. However, existing headaches that have lasted for several hours will likely not be helped by oxygen. Oxy... Read More »