What will a wireless router do for my laptop computer?

Answer A wireless router will give you the ability to connect to the Internet or other devices in your home, such as printers and PCs, without using cables. With wireless capability you can use the Intern... Read More »

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Will a wireless router sync to direct TV when it is connected to a desktop computer that doesn't have a wireless card?

4kids is on channel 46 a.k.a. WXCW beginning at 7am. I couldn't find the answer anywhere so I had to look for it myself.

Will a wireless router allow me to connect a desktop and a laptop to the same Internet connection?

Yes, most wireless routers are equipped with a wired output for a desktop computer. At the same time, they will send and receive wireless Internet signals to a laptop or other wireless Internet dev... Read More »

Will a wireless router work on a macbook computer?

All MacBook computers include wireless adapters that are compatible with the 802.11 a, b, g and n standards, allowing you to connect to virtually any wireless router. Apple sells a wireless router ... Read More »

I surfed the net via my next door nieghbours router onto my wireless laptop will he have any record of this?

yes and it is not illegal there are no laws yet that say you can not use a wifi network even if it has a WEP KEY. BUT if you wont to remove your ip address from the router just type in ... Read More »