What will a flower's ovule become?

Answer When a flower is fertilised, the ovule develops into a seed. The ovary, which contains the ovules, becomes the fruit.

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How does the pollen reach the ovule in African violets?

Usually this is done by hand, the sac is very hard and needs to be carefully cut open by using a sharp exacto knife in order to display the powdery pollen. A small brush, q-tip or similar is used t... Read More »

What flowers will rabbits NOT eat?

Well poisonous flowers for rabbits are morning glorys, lillys, and any night shade plants. Tomatoes, apple seeds, citrus, milkweed, and toadstools or mushrooms are all poisonous too. If you want mo... Read More »

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How do flowers become fruit?

Flowering plants and trees depend on the adequate transfer of pollen from the male to the female parts of the flower to reproduce. The ovule, ovary and receptacle are the parts of the flower that ... Read More »