What will a case worker ask when doing a home study?

Answer AnswerWhen doing a home study, a case worker will want yo talk to the child and adults seperately and together. They will ask the child things like, their name, age, and things like that. Then they... Read More »

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How is a home study for a custody case different from an adoption home study?

A parent or parents who will love, protect and nurture the child(ren), who has been prepared, trained approved and licensed by the appropriate people. A child who is (children who are) available fo... Read More »

What kind of consequences does a cps worker get for wrongly closing a case even when the person has been turned in four times and gets ordered to counseling and alcohol treatment and doesn't do it?

When Do You Pay SSI Taxes on a Home Worker?

When hiring people to work in your home, you need to consider whether to pay employment taxes. Employment taxes are used to fund government entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare... Read More »

What is the role of the case worker or manager?

A case worker or manager, also referred to a social worker, is a professional who works with individuals or families to assist them in overcoming problems or issues in their lives. These professio... Read More »