Would Santa Claus bring you an iPhone 4 for Christmas?

Answer If you have been good this year.

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If I am a good SHAM will Santa bring me a new dishwasher?

I like washing the dishes. It's the only time the kids leave me alone, because they know if they complain that they're bored, I'll make them wash the dishes.

Are we allowed to bring our own grill to Santa Monica Beach and cook food there?

I believe you can but I would recommend a cheap lightweight one. Remember you gotta haul it and your stuff to and from your car. z

How to Be a "Santa's Helper" on Christmas Eve?

Sometimes Santa just doesn't have the time to arrange the presents nicely and fill the stockings to look perfect. When that happens, he recruits parents and sometimes older children to help him on ... Read More »

Christmas is over, so why does Santa keep peeing on my laundry?

I find that constant berating gets critters and people to finally cave in and follow your way. But, its likely that you've already tried that and now you are desperation! Do not fear! Kitty whisper... Read More »