What will 1 gram of weed do to me if I smoke it in a pipe?

Answer get you high?? idk. what else do you think it will make you do?? hallucinate or something?? dumb question you should be able to answer this yourself

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How to smoke weed with a pipe?

Cover the small hole on the side of the bowl, this is known as a carb or rush hole. Light a flame, slowly inhale (don't keep the flame on too long, you'll know when it's too harsh), pull away and ... Read More »

If I smoke a pipe of weed in my room with the window open how bad will the room smell and how do I get rid of?

I used to get a long cardboard tube like the kind from a roll of wrapping paper or paper towels and exhale the smoke out the tube so that most of it went out well away from the window. Cover the p... Read More »

Is half a gram of weed enough for a few hits each night?

I have no idea how much weed costs where you live but... half a gram is a **** ton of weed.People pay $100 or more for a gram.**** 5 or 6 hits you'll get many days of smokign with a gram.But you wi... Read More »

How long does a gram of weed stay in your system after being sober for 3 months?

drink lots of waterr, theres something you can buy for it to get out of your hair at walmart.