What width of gathered curtain do I need for a window that is 57 inches wide?

Answer Gathered curtains should be one-and-a-half times to twice as wide as the curtain rod over the window. For a curtain rod of 57 inches, the curtains should be 86 to 114 inches wide.Source:Country Cur... Read More »

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How many yards of fabric do I need for 9 panels 72 inches wide by 64 inches high?

You need to provide more information about the fabric, specifically the width of the goods and the direction of the pattern. That's the short and unsatisfying answer. The long answer: IF the pa... Read More »

How do I determine curtain panel width?

Measure the length of the curtain rod and multiply this measurement by 2.5 for the curtain width. Use a larger multiplier number, such as 3, for a fuller panel. The more material used results in a ... Read More »

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