What what technology do I need to have a webpage with a click to call button?

Answer You can't dial a phone that isn't explicitly connected to the user's computer. In short, a "call us" button can't place a phone call from the average user's phone, because most people don't use the... Read More »

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My right-click button isn't working, how do I fix this?

this happened to me the other day the right click thingy as you call it was stuck check that first otherwise yup new mouse $9.99 at walmart

Do you click on the wheel button of your mouse?

yes, i do. but not for the usual wheel-click function. i changed it to switch between scroll modes. on my mouse you can either do it a few screens at a time, or just let it roll until you stop it. ... Read More »

How to Click the Traffic Light Button?

Traffic light buttons, officially known as pedestrian push buttons, are often used at busy intersections that may be potentially dangerous to cross. Pressing a pedestrian push button triggers a red... Read More »

How to Enable Click Tracking for an Addthis Button?

AddThis is an online bookmarking service that allows you to interact through a web app or widget, known as an AddThis button or toolbox. These buttons are website-specific, allowing visitors to hav... Read More »