What were zulu masks made of?

Answer Authentic Zulu masks, native to the country of Africa, were hand carved out of hard wood. The masks measure approximately 35 centimeters in length and were believed to possess intricate secret-keep... Read More »

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What were Egyptian portrait masks made of?

Ancient Egyptian portrait or death masks were usually made of carton. Wealthier and important people such as Pharaohs had their masks made of gold. One of the more famous masks was King Tutankhamon... Read More »

What are Venetian masks made of?

Typically worn during Carnival, the Venetian masks were originally made of papier-mâché with simple decorations. They were made by special mask makers called mascherari. Some masks are now made o... Read More »

Why were masks used in Greek theater?

Masks were worn in Greek theater to differentiate among the characters on the stage all of whom were played by men. The mask also clearly portrayed the emotion of the character so that the audience... Read More »

Why&how were masks used in greek theater?

According to the Greek information group Hellenica, the exact origins of Greek theater have been lost in history, but we do know that masks were used in Greek theater from its birth in 600 B.C. to ... Read More »