What were underground nightclubs called?

Answer Divas stands as a nice gay bar in the city friendly to us straight guys . Despite the bad wrap , this place is safe , clean ,friendly and inclusive

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What are cheap nightclubs called?

What are Indian underground ovens called?

Yo. I was also trying to search that but I came here. But I found out that it was called the tandoor.

What is an underground water table called?

The water table marks the boundary between groundwater, or an area of complete saturation, and the topping layer of aerated soil, or the vadose zone. When the water table reaches a height higher th... Read More »

Indian special underground ovens are called?

It would take about 3-4 hours to cool down and 24 hours to stabilize. It is also faster if you don't turn up the temperature to max because that would only block air flow to the fridge from the fr... Read More »