What are tonights numbers to call for American Idol voting?

Answer Angie18664365701 or 18664365705Amber1866435701 or 18664365706Candice1866435703 or 18664365707Kree18664365704 or 1688436570804 does not seem to be working

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What is the name of the 80's or 90's fantasy show it used to be on Encore WAM it had a warlord stealing a power from a crystal there were kids in the group who fought against him not all were human?

What were the names of planets in Power Rangers?

The names of the planets in "Power Rangers" are Regda 2, Sorcery 7, Bromak 5, Canine 4, Cryon, Manta, Horath, Liaria, Eltar, Kalderon, Brokaya, Kadix, Dekata 5, Yotoba, Vraden, Edenoi, Aquitar, Tir... Read More »

How to Strike a Soccer Ball With Power?

power is essential.all footballers have this gift

Dragon Ball GT Character Power Levels?

"Dragon Ball GT," the action-based animated series based on Akira Toriyama's "Dragonbal" and "Dragon Ball Z" mangas, revolves around a group of warriors who take it upon themselves to protect their... Read More »