How were photographs were taken during the civil war?

Answer some reporters went into battle and took photographs

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What were you like when you were ten years old?

I trusted everyone and everything. I had a box under my bed that I collected money in so I could use it to rescue a dog from the SPCA, I heard they cost $15 dollars so I tried to save that much mo... Read More »

What Were the Southern Weaknesses in the Civil War?

The American Civil War (1861-1865) was fought between the Union of the Northern states and the Confederacy of the Southern states. Though the South outmatched the North in military leadership leadi... Read More »

What were Civil War bullets made of?

According to Think Quest, Civil War bullets were made of lead. They were either manufactured and transported to the battlefields or made by soldiers "in the field, by melting lead and pouring it in... Read More »

Can a civil law suit be brought against a credit card debt that is ten years old?

A debt collection lawsuit can be filed for a 10-year-old debt as long as the statute of limitations has not expired. In some states, making a payment on an old debt renews the statute of limitation... Read More »