Fellow Baby Name Nerds --- what are your pets' names?

Answer I have a dog and a cat, both are about ten years old so they were named a long time before I was interested in names.Chewy Chocolate - a female chocolate labrador. Needless to say, she went to thro... Read More »

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What names do you like that EVERYONE ELSE hates (even the name nerds)?

Your question regarding the name Beulah actually made it grow on me, so I've begun to like it a lot. I'm a fan of its Biblical aspect and how it's feminine without being trendy or overused. It's a ... Read More »

What are Sci-Fi nerds?

Sci-fi nerds--more commonly, they refer to themselves as sci-fi geeks--are a group of people who obsessively follow one or more fandom(s), such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Battlestar Galactic... Read More »

What year did Nerds candy come out?

Nerds are a small multicolored, multi-flavored pieces of candy that come in a double-sided box. Sold today under the Willy Wonka brand by the Nestlé company, Nerds were invented in 1983 by Petroni... Read More »

Y do nerds hve alargys?

That is an over generalized statement. 1- I have been called a nerd and I have no allergies at all.2- With your command of the English language and your atrocious spelling it would appear that you... Read More »