What were the last words of 'Gone With the Wind' the book?

Answer Scarlett can't bear to think of it (losing Rhett) today so she would think of it tommorrow as she is fond of saying and plans to return to Tara (her home and safehaven before the war even began).

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How many words are in the Gone With the Wind book?

According to, the book "Gone With the Wind" contains 423,575 words. The word "Scarlett" appears most frequently--2,651 times. Written by Margaret Mitchell, the book was originally publis... Read More »

What is the value of the book 1938 Gone with The Wind?

I have one too...I have seen it range from $50.00 to $260.00

What is the first line of the book gone with the wind?

"Scarlet O'hara was not beautiful, but men seldom realized it when caught by her charm as the Tarleton twins were."

In the book Gone with the Wind did Scarlett get raped?

It depends on your perpective. The chance of it is brought up several times:1st- The Yankee deserter, but he didn't touch her, she shot and killed him first2nd, the incident in Shantytown, Her dres... Read More »