What were the goal of us foreign policy during the cold war?

Answer To maintain their hegemony as a world power (superiority) while avoiding a full out nuclear war

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What was a goal of the us foreign policy in the cold war?

Sources seem to indicate that he speaks English, Spanish, and Arabic.

What was the main foreign policy goal of the us during the cold war?

The Cubans were sort of not on great terms with the U.S. at the time, so it was possible that they would fire their nuclear missiles at us, maybe forcing us into war with them. we definitely did no... Read More »

What was the main goal of us foreign policy during the Cold war?

The USA achieved the goal of removing the missles from Cuba by "quarentining" Cuba until Khruschev and JFK compromised the soviet union would remove their missles from Cuba and the USA promised to ... Read More »

Did the US achieve its foreign policy goal of containing communism during the Cold War?