What were the costs of the Ford Mustang in the 1960s?

Answer A two-door Ford Mustang hardtop cost $2,368 in the 1960s. The first Mustang was revealed in 1964 and was similar to the Ford Falcon in many ways. The Mustang was available as a convertible or a cou... Read More »

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What was the cost of the Ford Mustang during 1960s?

The 1964-1/2 Ford Mustang had a base price of $2,368. Two years later, the 1966 Ford Mustang two-door hardtop was priced the same as the original Mustang at $2,368. In 1968, the Ford Mustang Shelby... Read More »

1968 Ford Mustang Vs. 2007 Ford Mustang?

Mustangs are one of the most popular sports cars in existence---hence, the reason for their continued popularity. Two popular models were the 1968 and 2007 models---created 29 years apart, but cont... Read More »

Ford Mustang Which One?

92 convert lx 5.0 200lbs lighter than hard top,faster top end. its real easy to ad bolt ons for low end torque and hp. lx vs. gt like the year.

When did the Ford Mustang first come out?

In April of 1964, the first Ford Mustang rolled off the assembly lines. The original Mustang was a 1964 1/2, since the actual release was in the middle of the year.References:Muscle Car Club: Ford ... Read More »