What were the attempts of the Big Stick policy and Dollar Diplomacy?

Answer just used that one above and got it wrong!!! use this one :increase United States power in Latin America

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How did the Roosevelt Corollary and dollar diplomacy influence US foreign policy?

Who was the president during the dollar diplomacy?

The term "dollar diplomacy" was coined by President William Howard Taft. It refers to a United States foreign policy that stresses U.S. economic and financial strength in the world. According to ... Read More »

Information on Taft's Dollar Diplomacy?

US supports Israel scientifically, financially. The US supports Israel with the most advanced military hardware to be always stronger than all the other countries of the middle east put together. T... Read More »

Identify two problems with dollar diplomacy?

President William Howard Taft coined the phrase "dollar diplomacy" in 1909, to describe providing loans and aid to countries that the U.S. wanted as allies, in order to increase commerce between th... Read More »